DPPG/RH Announce Rolling Racing Schedule

May 20, 2020

NEW HAMPSHIRE: With all the uncertainty in today's live events world, DP Production Group officials have decided to shift this year's Racing Hotspot racing series schedule to a rolling format. This change will allow DPPG officials to have more flexibility in scheduling racing events this season.

       An announcement will be made two weeks prior to an event taking place informing the public of where we'll be. This allows for the announcer to know where him and the production team will be headed next, and allow him to include the information in that weeks broadcast.

       Our 2020 racing series schedule will mostly revolve around the EXIT Realty Pro Truck Challenge and the Modified Racing Series, however DPPG CEO Devin Poslusny said that he's open to anything at this point. 

       "We have agreements with the trucks and the modifieds, but if there is a weekend where neither of those series are racing and another area track is open and racing, we are open to reaching out to such track and seeing if they would like/allow us to us to broadcast that weekend, this is a great benefit to a rolling schedule," said Poslusny. 

       A rolling schedule would also allows for DPPG to add additional athletic events to our schedule this summer as they pop-up across New England. 

       "Sporting events are going to start happening again, however there are going to limits on the amount of spectators allowed at the event and/or not allow any spectators at all. This is where we come in, we would be able to broadcast such events and allow games to be seen by the parents/fans," said Poslusny. 

       DPPG will continue to keep safety it's number one concern however, meaning that broadcasts may be simple and non-complex (multiple cameras, drones, etc) due to keeping the staffing number down. 

       "As much as we'd love to come firing on all cylinders for our first event back, we need to make sure that we do our best to keep people safe, whether it be people who volunteer their time with us or the crowd/participants themselves. Keeping our at event staff limited is key during a time like this," said Poslusny. 

       We will keep everyone up to date on future updates as we continue to navigate these dynamic times. We will be back at a race track/athletics complex soon enough!