New Hampshire High School Athletics

The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association governs the high school athletic activities in the Granite State. Below is a list of links connected to the NHIAA's website:

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Our New Hampshire Coverage

Since 2017, DP Production Group has covered NHIAA sanctioned events across all three seasons. Only covering select games in each season, DPPG was slow out of the gate as far as NHIAA coverage. In the winter of 2018, DPPG covered a couple Wednesday high school ice hockey events which then evolved into DPPG's "Wednesday Night Rivalry: High School Hockey" series in 2019. Broadcasting only 13 total games in 2019, it established the foundation for our 2020 ice hockey coverage which was rebranded and called "High School Hockey Coverage", allowing for more games to be added to the schedule and not just ones that took place on Wednesday nights. The 2020 series saw 20 ice hockey games live streamed onto YouTube, setting an all time record for highest number of live events in a single series. 

In the spring of 2019, DPPG broadcasted a playoff softball game. Although it wasn't live streamed, it was a test for the company and showed that more outdoor sports could be broadcasted on the platform. In the fall of 2019, both of Belmont High School's homecoming soccer games were broadcasted onto DPPG's YouTube channel. Although they weren't live streamed, it was continued practice for what DPPG is striving towards: live streaming of all sporting events (indoor and outdoor). 

In the spring of 2020, the production company was ready to announce a plan to live stream 10 baseball/softball games across New Hampshire, however the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the plan.