About the Twin State Lions All-Star Soccer Cup

The Twin State Lions All-Star Soccer Cup is a single day event that benefits Lions Clubs across New Hampshire and Vermont. The event features two (men's and women's game) all-star soccer games involving recent graduates from New Hampshire and Vermont.

Quoted from the All-Star Hockey Classic's website:

"The mission of the All-Star Hockey Classic is two-fold. We aim to not only raise awareness and funds for the Make-A-Wish® Vermont and Make-A-Wish® New Hampshire, but to also provide a venue for the finest high school senior hockey players from Vermont and New Hampshire to combine their talents and represent their States in this annual All-Star Hockey event."

The event takes place in late June every year. The 2019 games were the first ASHC games live streamed onto the DPPG platform. A weekend comprised of three events across two days, the Skills Challenge takes place on Friday night and then the two states face-off in their all-star games (one women's game and one men's game) on Saturday afternoon/evening. 

All proceeds (ticket sales, advertising in the program, merchandise sales, game day raffles, contributions and sponsorships) of the event benefits Make-A-Wish® Vermont and Make-A-Wish® New Hampshire. 

To view the events Facebook page, visit https://www.facebook.com/Lions-Twin-State-Soccer-Association

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!



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