About Our High School Sports Coverage

       DP Production Group is dedicated to providing a platform for family and friends to watch highlights, full games, and get the latest news about their student athlete's sporting events. We strive to be everyones "go to" place for high school athletics. Covering 20 high school ice hockey games across New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as multiple random events in the fall and spring sports seasons, DPPG is only getting started!

       Our high school sports coverage consists of a simple broadcast setup with an announcer (usually Devin Poslusny). These games are either live streamed or on-demand only and do feature full highlights posted on our website and social media accounts. Starting in 2020, these games will be pay-per-view broadcasts (live or not), although the pricing will be low, the idea is to be able to pay the expenses the company produces. 

A look to the future

       Coming in the spring of 2021, DPPG will be announcing a brand new spring sports series, covering multiple baseball, softball, lacrosse, and a couple track & field events. This series will only expand upon our great High School Hockey Coverage in the winter. In the fall of 2021, we will be completing the trifecta by announcing a fall sports series including soccer, football, volleyball, and much more! Additionally, we will expand our winter sports coverage by covering indoor track & field, basketball, and ice hockey. By the end of 2021, we will have completed our trifecta of high school sports. 

How did we start broadcasting high school sports?

       While in high school, DPPG founder/owner Devin Poslusny was his high school's athletic videographer, capturing almost every athletic event his school hosted on film. He started filming sports to better his hand speed to improve his already established racing coverage, he was once quoted saying that if he could zoom in on a baseball being thrown at 50 MPH and follow it smoothly, he could then zoom in on a race car traveling 150+ MPH and follow it perfectly. 

       After a year of filming, he was hooked and continued it through all four years of high school. In his junior year of school, he started to get "bored" of standing on the sidelines and capturing film for highlight reels (well at least for every game). So he decided to film the full games and add his commentary. This was much different from racing, however he thought that if he could announce multiple sports he could be more valuable to a future employer. 

       In the fall of his junior year, Devin announced and filmed two semi-final soccer games and wanted to post them onto YouTube, however he couldn't post them on Racing Hotspot's channel, so he created a little channel called "DP Productions", which soon became DP Production Group...and we guess you could say the rest is history.

Additional High School SPorts Headlines

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