DPPG is Headed to a Subscription Based System

March  4, 2020

       As the snow begins to melt and the 2020 Winter Series comes to an end, DP Production Group starts to turn towards spring/summer sports season and racing season. With this bring a new era for DPPG. Starting for the 2020 All-Star Season and the 2020 Racing Hotspot Racing Coverage season, full event coverage will no longer be free for the public to view, these events will cost a small fee to view. Packages will include single event pass, seasonal pass, and an all access pass, each package will be priced accordingly. 

      "I can say that the cost is going to be geared towards the crowd we are trying to reach," said Devin Poslusny, DPPG CEO. 

       Poslusny continued to say that he hopes the general public takes the news well and will accept the new program.

       "We have always been a 'free to view' company, but unfortunately like many things in life, we have costs we need to cover. That is why we are rolling this system out," Poslusny said. 

      Highlights from each event will continue to be free to view and share. Highlights will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (when able) and YouTube. Our YouTube channel will become a highlight zone as all full event broadcasts will be seen and viewed on our website. 

      The new system will be priced reasonably, and the plan is to continue to have sponsors come on for events to help provide low subscription costs. The new system will be live in a couple weeks when the 2020 All-Star Season begins. Stay tuned for more updates such as pricing, additional information on how to set yourself up to be able to view event, and much more!