DPPG to Broadcast Belmont High School Graduation

June 1, 2020

BELMONT, NH: DP Production Group officials announced Monday morning that the broadcast production company will be broadcasting Belmont High School's 2020 graduation ceremony on June 13, 2020.  

       Family and friends will be able to view the entire ceremony on DP Production

Group's website (https://www.dppgnetwork.com/watch-dppg).

       To view the live stream, users will create a free account for DPPG's website, once the

account is established users will then be able to watch the free broadcast. 

       DPPG officials also spoke about how the broadcast will look, and according to DPPG CEO

Devin Poslusny, this broadcast will be a step into the future for the company.

       "We are extremely excited to be broadcasting Belmont's graduation this year, to be able to bring the ceremony to extended family and friends who are unable to attend due to the COVID-19 pandemic is incredible, and I am extremely excited and humbled to be tasked with the job," Poslusny continued to say "this broadcast is going to be special for multiple reasons, not only do these graduates get this moment captured on film and are able to share with friends and family, we here at DPPG are rolling out some new improvements and stepping up our broadcast game,"

       Although they were very secretive about the improvements, Poslusny said that they are going to be amazing.

       "These improvements are going to elevate this broadcast and event that much more and because of that we are extremely excited," Poslusny said. 

       This event will be DPPG's first event since the March 11, 2020 NHIAA Boys Ice Hockey Semifinals at Plymouth State University, marking an end to the 94 day break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since this broadcast is the first broadcast to be streamed through out website, we comprised a list of frequently asked questions to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the ceremony on June 13!


  • Will the ceremony be live streamed?

    • Yes, a full live stream can be viewed through our website​ through our broadcast portal

  • Is there a cost to view the broadcast?

    •  No, the ceremony is 100% free to view​

  • Will the broadcast be available to watch on-demand? 

    • Yes, users will be able to watch the full ceremony on-demand through our site. ​

  • What do I have to do in order to view the broadcast?

    • All a user needs to do is create a free account with our website, and then they will be able to view the broadcast​ live or on-demand.

  • Will the website account ever cost me anything?

    • Not at all! The DPPG website account you create will always be 100% free, and we will never charge you to be a member of our network!

  • Can I create an account a head of time? If so, how?

    • Of course! There are two ways to create an account, click on the "Join DPPG Network" tab ​in the main menu bar, and then follow the instructions. The second option is to enter the broadcast portal ahead of time. A user must have an account in order to enter the broadcast portal, so if someone tries to enter the portal without an account, they will be prompted to create an account and then redirected to the portal once the account is established. 

  • How can I access the broadcast portal? 

    • There are two ways, both are on the main home page of this website. In the scrolling news slides at the top of the page, on the slide about DPPG broadcasting the ceremony there is a "Watch Here" button, click that. The second option is just under the scrolling news slides, under "Additional Headlines", you will find a link to view the ceremony. ​On the day of the event, there will be a banner across the top of the website linked directly to the broadcast portal. 

  • If I have trouble creating an account/viewing the ceremony, how can I get assistance?

    • There will be someone online to be able to assist you! In order to receive help, just click the little yellow bubble with the three dots in the bottom right of the ​screen, from there just type what you need help with and someone will be there to assist you! ​

  • What happens if the stream crashes?

    • First, we hope that doesn't happen! But if in the off chance that happens, we will re-upload the full ceremony onto our website through the same link​. 

All additional questions can be sent through the "Contact Us" tab above or emailed to dpproductiongroup@gmail.com