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About this Event
       Established in 2018, the Belmont Night Game is a yearly event that is held on the second Friday in August. Founded on the dream of being able to host an athletic event under the lights on the grounds of Belmont High School, the yearly event has grown little by little each and every year. The evening consists of two soccer games: one girls game and one boys game. The games are between current high school players (incoming freshmen to seniors) and alumni players (all age groups welcome!).

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2023 Date: August 11, 2023

2023 Gameday Schedule:

6:00p.m.- Boy's Game

7:30p.m.- Intermission/Warm-up for girl's game

8:00p.m.- Girl's Game

2023 Game Format:

Quarter 1: 15 minute

Break: 5 minute

Quarter 2: 15 minute

Halftime: 10 minute

Quarter 3: 15 minute

Break: 5 minute

Quarter 4: 15 minute

(80 min//1h20m)

Intermission Performance:

To Be Announced

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Contact Information:

       Devin Poslusny: (603) 630-3835

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