All-Star Season Events

Each summer many high school seniors are

provided the opportunity to play one final game

at a high school level, these games are a great

way for athletes to cap off their high school careers. 

Numerous All-Star events happen across the country in June and July. DP Production Group focuses on events that include both New Hampshire and Vermont athletes, mainly because our high school athletic coverage happen in those states. The events are as follows:

All-Star Hockey Classic 

Twin State Lions All-Star Soccer Cup

-Event Schedule-

All-Star Hockey Classic:

Cancelled for 2020

Twin State Lions Cup:

July 17, 2021


How we got involved with the games

                                                  In 2017, DPPG CEO Devin Poslusny reached out to the Lions Association (the organization that oversees the Lions Cup Soccer Games). Filming the 2017 games, it put DPPG on the map as many parents and family watched the tape delayed broadcast. In 2018, we returned to broadcast the Lions Cup, but that year we live streamed the games onto YouTube. It was a big hit, and really propelled DPPG into the live streaming world. 

In 2019 the All-Star Hockey Classic was added to the schedule. Covering the two day event at the University of Vermont, DPPG was further put onto the map. Additionally in 2019 we added the CHaD Battle of the Badges Baseball Classic benifiting the Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The three events lead to the creation of DPPG's All-Star season. 

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All-Star Hockey Classic

Lions All Star Soccer